The SlideMoor Difference

If you own a boat, you can't afford NOT to watch this video.

The Expensive Repair Cost of Mooring Whip Failure

Floating Dock Applications

Local Testimonials:

"As a long time fisherman/boater, I have explored every type of docking apparatus from drive - on hydraulic lifts to boat whips.  Out of frustrations with those systems, I had All About Improvements install the SlideMoor for my 27 foot Boston Whaler.  What a fantastic system: docking in a snap, easy loading and unloading and tides and winds have no effect on adjustment of lines.  All About was a pleasure to work with.  The installation was professional, courteous and on time.  What I liked most was follow up calls to make sure I was satisfied and things were working properly." - Bob Miccio, Forked River

Dock Lines - The Inside Scoop

So, you have the boat of your dreams tied to a SlideMoor Docking System. 
The best of both worlds. Secured tightly on one side only. Boarding made easier
and safer. Quietly rising and falling with the water level. 
Nothing to worry about, right? Not so fast!

Does your vessel have a tendency to move away from the SlideMoor
bumper regardless of how tight you tie it? When the wind blows,
are you constantly checking to see if the rub rail is tight against
those bumpers? If so, maybe your pride and joy is tied to your
SlideMoor System with the wrong dock lines.

Most dock line is designed to stretch when the boat tugs against it. That stretch
acts as a shock absorber in a conventional four point tie up and prevents damage
to the vessel’s cleats and to your pilings. The amount of dock line stretch can
range from 6% to 18% depending upon the line and its age (yes, dock lines do
get weaker with age and wear out). While tolerable in a conventional tie up,
dock line stretch is completely unacceptable for a SlideMoor System.

What you really need to keep your rub rail tight to the SlideMoor Bumper is a set of low stretch lines. But they can be difficult to find and even more difficult to find in the correct size and length for your particular vessel. That’s where we come in!

SlideMoor now offers Low Stretch Dock Lines for almost every size vessel. Our exclusive lines are specially made containing strands of Kevlar that reduce overall stretch to a maximum of 2%, the minimum stretch of any line currently available.

SlideMoor’s Low Stretch Lines are double braided, marine grade nylon with Dacron centers available in both 5/8” and 3/4” diameters. When used properly, they will keep your vessel tight to the SlideMoor bumpers and will not stretch excessively over time.

Don’t let old, inadequate dock lines result in possible damage to your SlideMoor System or your dreamboat. Call today to order your set of SlideMoor Low Stretch Lines and keep her where she belongs, tight to the dock.

Product  Specifications  

1)  Slide  -­‐  The  patented  Slide  is  manufactured  from  6061-­‐  T6  Extruded  aluminum,  for  strength   and  high  resistance  to  corrosion.  

2)  Bumper  -­‐  Extruded,  flexible,  high-­‐molecular  polyvinyl  chloride  will  not  crack,  rot  or   corrode.  Non-­‐marring  and  impervious  to  ultraviolet  rays.  Manufactured  for  durability  and   strength  and  is  designed  for  increased  protection  with  increased  pressure.  

3)  Bearing  -­‐  ⅛"  extruded  Carilon®  lines  the  interior  surfaces  of  the  Slide  for  frictionless   movement,  providing  high  lubricity  for  smooth  travel  on  the  Track.  

4)  Cleats  -­‐  8"  injection  molded,  non-­‐corrosive  black  nylon  Cleats  come  standard  with  the   system.  (2  per  Slide).  

5)  Track  -­‐  6061-­‐  T6  Extruded  aluminum  I-­‐beam.  Track  lengths  available  from  8  to  25  feet.  

6)  Slide  Stop  Top  &  Bottom  -­‐  Prevents  Slide  from  coming  off.  Top  may  be  replaced  with  lock.   Fasteners  -­‐  All  fasteners  are  18.8  marine  grade  stainless  steel.

The Ultimate Hurricane Protection For Your Floating Investment

Hard to believe, the 2018 hurricane season is less than a month away! 
Didn’t we just barely survive the last hurricane season? 
And of course this year, the prognosis is for more of the same.
We all know about bottled water, canned goods and lots of batteries, but
what about your boat? Sitting ready at the dock for your every impulsive
fishing trip, sunset cruise and day trip to that remote beach. Unfortunately,
that same state of readiness makes your prized vessel quite vulnerable
to damage or even worse in the event of a major storm.

Sure you can scramble to try to find last minute dry storage if available,
upset your neighbors by tying across the entire canal to their precious palm tree
or attempt to leave it on the boatlift and hope your insurance company doesn’t
find out. Or, you can use SlideMoor to secure your vessel.

SlideMoor has been successfully defending boats AGAINST storm damage
for more than 20 years by holding boats tightly AGAINST the dock on one side only! Our secret? We control 100% of the lateral momentum of the vessel while allowing it to rise and fall unrestricted with the changing water level/storm surge. 
If the vessel cannot move away from the dock, it cannot possibly bang into the dock.  An old precept of basic physics - a body at rest, tends to stay at rest.
Simple, but extremely effective!

So, don’t wait until the next meteorological history-maker sneaks up on your dock to test those old laws of physics. Get your floating pride and joy a SlideMoor Docking System today!

Hurricane Irma set several records for a major storm, making it one of the most powerful and devastating hurricanes ever recorded. Despite Irma's wrath and maximum winds of 175+ mph, SlideMoor owners reported that SlideMoor kept their boats safe during the monster storm! See what John Greviskis host of Ship Shape TV has to say about Irma, SlideMoor, and all of the incredible customer testimonials in this featured clip! Be sure to get your SlideMoor before the next big storm hits!

SlideMoor Proven Through Hurricane Irma!

Hurricane Irma Testimonials: 

"Hurricane Irma's eye came within 10 miles of our home in Punta Gorda. At first she emptied the water from the canal system. SlideMoor held my 45' Island Packet in place as she rested on the bottom. Friends who had tied cross-canal received rudder damage. Winds were no concern. The boat barely moved. Later, when the surge came, SlideMoor simply rode it up. There would have been no way to securely tie the boat with dock lines to account for the 8 foot swing from ebb to flood. It would have left too much slack in the lines. We rode the storm out at home and watched the entire event. I don't do testimonials, but this system deserves one. No damage!" - Bill Rissel

"My SlideMoor System saved my pontoon boat during Irma. I had a 360 degree camera in the boat and a cellular connection. I was able to watch the tide rise in real time. You can see the dock completely underwater. Thanks for a great product." - Terry Delmonaco 

"I live in Cape Coral, FL. Just wanted to let you know that my boat just went through Irma with no problems. It is a 21 CC. I had your system." - Mike Dewar

"Just wanted to share with you that my SlideMoor installation totally protected my 37 FT Nordic Tug from 75 mph winds, here in Tierra Verde, FL, from Hurricane Irma. Thank you for making such a great product." - Roger Podwoski

Call us today for a demonstration of the SlideMoor system and to get an estimate on all your upcoming docking needs (609) 242-9447