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SlideMoor Proven Through Hurricane Irma!

Hurricane Irma Testimonials: 

"Hurricane Irma's eye came within 10 miles of our home in Punta Gorda. At first she emptied the water from the canal system. SlideMoor held my 45' Island Packet in place as she rested on the bottom. Friends who had tied cross-canal received rudder damage. Winds were no concern. The boat barely moved. Later, when the surge came, SlideMoor simply rode it up. There would have been no way to securely tie the boat with dock lines to account for the 8 foot swing from ebb to flood. It would have left too much slack in the lines. We rode the storm out at home and watched the entire event. I don't do testimonials, but this system deserves one. No damage!" - Bill Rissel

"My SlideMoor System saved my pontoon boat during Irma. I had a 360 degree camera in the boat and a cellular connection. I was able to watch the tide rise in real time. You can see the dock completely underwater. Thanks for a great product." - Terry Delmonaco 

"I live in Cape Coral, FL. Just wanted to let you know that my boat just went through Irma with no problems. It is a 21 CC. I had your system." - Mike Dewar

"Just wanted to share with you that my SlideMoor installation totally protected my 37 FT Nordic Tug from 75 mph winds, here in Tierra Verde, FL, from Hurricane Irma. Thank you for making such a great product." - Roger Podwoski

Local Testimonials:

"As a long time fisherman/boater, I have explored every type of docking apparatus from drive - on hydraulic lifts to boat whips.  Out of frustrations with those systems, I had All About Improvements install the SlideMoor for my 27 foot Boston Whaler.  What a fantastic system: docking in a snap, easy loading and unloading and tides and winds have no effect on adjustment of lines.  All About was a pleasure to work with.  The installation was professional, courteous and on time.  What I liked most was follow up calls to make sure I was satisfied and things were working properly." - Bob Miccio, Forked River

Product  Specifications  

1)  Slide  -­‐  The  patented  Slide  is  manufactured  from  6061-­‐  T6  Extruded  aluminum,  for  strength   and  high  resistance  to  corrosion.  

2)  Bumper  -­‐  Extruded,  flexible,  high-­‐molecular  polyvinyl  chloride  will  not  crack,  rot  or   corrode.  Non-­‐marring  and  impervious  to  ultraviolet  rays.  Manufactured  for  durability  and   strength  and  is  designed  for  increased  protection  with  increased  pressure.  

3)  Bearing  -­‐  ⅛"  extruded  Carilon®  lines  the  interior  surfaces  of  the  Slide  for  frictionless   movement,  providing  high  lubricity  for  smooth  travel  on  the  Track.  

4)  Cleats  -­‐  8"  injection  molded,  non-­‐corrosive  black  nylon  Cleats  come  standard  with  the   system.  (2  per  Slide).  

5)  Track  -­‐  6061-­‐  T6  Extruded  aluminum  I-­‐beam.  Track  lengths  available  from  8  to  25  feet.  

6)  Slide  Stop  Top  &  Bottom  -­‐  Prevents  Slide  from  coming  off.  Top  may  be  replaced  with  lock.   Fasteners  -­‐  All  fasteners  are  18.8  marine  grade  stainless  steel.

Floating Dock Applications

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The SlideMoor Difference

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The Expensive Repair Cost of Mooring Whip Failure

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